Please Note


Outdoor Pool 
Length: 25 Yards 
Temp: 82 Degrees
Lanes: 6 Lanes



 Outdoor Pool closed for the season.







Monday 1:00pm--5:00pm AND 6:30--8:30

Tuesday 1:00pm--5:00pm AND 6:30--8:30     

Wednesday     1:00pm--5:00pm AND 6:30--8:30

Thursday 1:00pm--5:00pm AND 6:30--8:30

Friday 1:00pm--7:00pm

Saturday 1:00pm--7:00pm

Sunday            Closed


Water Slide Rules

Warning: Water Depth is between 4' and 4'6"

1.Children under 48" may not ride the slides.

2.Non swimmers are not permitted.

3. Only one person on the slide at a time.

4. Slide feet first only, on back.

5. No lifejackets allowed.

6. No stopping,turning, standing, kneeling, or rotating in the slides.

7. Goggles and glasses are prohibited.

8. Start slide when directed by a lifeguard.

9. Leave the Plunge area immediately.

Note: If the rules are not followed, or anyone creates a disturbance in the operation of the slide they will be denied use by the lifeguard.