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Justen's Fitness Challenge 

 Want to increase flexibility, improve your balance and create more stamina then this Flexibility Challenge is for you. 
January 11th to March 1st (15 classes). 
$65.00 fee + $20.00 for special pot for goal achievement.
Great way to launch into summer with your goals achieved.  Cardio and Strength training along with personal measurement. 
April 3rd to May 24th (16 classes). 
$65.00 for this session + $20.00 for special pot for goal achievement.
Various class styles and discussions.


Cost is $65.00 for each session + $20.00 (if you wish) for special pot for goal achievement. 

 Tuesday and Thursday -- 2:00pm to 3:00pm 
Flexibility Challenge January 11th to March 1st. 
Fitness Challenge April 3rd to May 24th.

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