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September 2019  Special meeting agenda

Board Agenda Posted August 22 , 2019 The purpose of the Bitterroot Aquatic Center is to provide the community with a high quality year-round aquatic center that is affordable, accessible and provides excellent opportunities for recreation, fitness, competition, water safety, and education. Friday September 6, 2019 Bitterroot Aquatic Center, Commons Area @ 9:00AM


 1. Meeting with Bitterroot Swim Team to discuss next years plans. 


 Next regular Board Meeting:  Monday Septemeber 9th, 2019 at 6:30 PM 


Board Members:  

*Steve Bergeron 2018 (2020 term)

 *Vicky Mahon 2018-2022 

*Rod Pogachar 2016-2020 

*Carla Albert 2011-2022

 *Loretta Bundy 2005-2022

 * Ron Frost 2018-2020

* Marilyn Wildey 2019-2020


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