Last updated 03/5/2019




Time Changes for Adult Swim, Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program and Stretch & Strengthening classes as of January 14th. 

Check these pages for details. 





Community Pool 
Vision Statements
 Young People--know how to be safe in the water;
--have enjoyable, educational and responsible first jobs here
--take strokes toward a lifelong activity of fun and skill
Families see the BAC as--a great gathering and celebrating place
--THE place for all-summer and after-school time
Everyone values the BAC for
--the interesting classes and gatherings always on the calender
--being a great place to exercise and socialize
Community citizens and leaders value
--our careful stewardship of tax payer and donated dollars
--the Scholarship Program for entry fees and classes
--the positive economic connection between the BAC and
local recreation service providers
--that our vision for the future is their vision of the future. 
We seek out and implement what the
commnity wants in an aquatic center.
Our partners (Bitterroot Swim Team, schools, pre-schools, all sorts of groups)
--value the opportunity to inform our current and future programs
--actively appreciate and support the BAC
And finally, the facility--is accessible to everyone of all ages and abilities!
--is an enjoyable place to be !
--is affordable to everyone!
--has enough water to keep everyone happy!
--creates great life-long memories of pool life! 


59 Kurtz Lane
Hamilton, Mt
Phone: 406-375-8200
Fax: 406-375-9599